It takes a tremendous number of volunteers to make Yarmouth's Got Talent a success every year.  We would love your help.  

We have listed below open Volunteer spots with the planning committee, as well as plenty of positions on the night of the show

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Please note, these positions below allow for a pre-sale 2-ticket hold for the evening performance of YGT.


SPONSOR MANAGER: Solicit 6 Gold Sponsors from local (some will be repeats). Collect logos and ad copy to send to YGT graphics person for program ads, follow up for ad approval, send invoices (and follow up for payment if required), collect sponsor gift cards if applicable.

CELEBRITY JUDGE LIASON: This person finds 3 celebrity judges, and ideally a back up judge, via networking with other music boosters or community members and is the point person for celebrity judge contact. Organize bios and photos for Ben Soule for introduction, maintains contact with judges in months and weeks before performance with reminders and requests for bios and photos. Greet at 6:30 evening performance and take back stage.


CHAIRPERSON: We have one, would readily appreciate a second.  Check in with all departments to make sure they have everything they need for their jobs following timeline, offering assistance where needed, and oversee unfolding of each performance to make sure everything happens on schedule. Order medals, order big checks, collect 5 gift cards, confirm audition dates with teachers, attend auditions with host, lay out order of acts Monday evening and get info to program designer and web person. This is a very busy job week of performance with last minute details.


PUBLICITY MANAGER- FILLED: THANK YOU JESS SMITH! Update dates for backpack flyer for Rowe and Yes students and print and drop off, update poster dates with graphics person and distribute 20 posters at schools and a few businesses, organize school email blasts.


PROGRAM MANAGER(S) FILLED- THANK YOU JESSICA YOUNG!- Small but time-sensitive job week of show. Work with graphics person to update new cover (dates, etc., no new design required) for 2018 show and print covers 10 days before show. Then, must be available Monday night to proof performer layout from graphics person before he sends the file to Yarmouth Printing, and must be available for a few minutes early Tuesday morning to review program proofs at Yarmouth Printing. Job requires stapling voting tickets to 1,000 programs, 150 of which need to be done Tuesday afternoon, the balance on Wednesday or Thursday. Can assemble crew for stapling so it will only take an hour or so. May need to help BPT person sell tickets to performer parents on Tuesday night from 6-7:30.


BROWNPAPERTICKETS.COM co-managers: FILLED- THANK YOU KYO BANNAI - 1 or 2 people to update new dates and info on

brownpapertickets.com page a few weeks before performance, and print out ticket distribution lists after BPT ticket sales for dress rehearsal and evening performances, and manage ticket pickup before each performance at 4 tables. Manage reserve ticket list, sell performer tickets on Tuesday evening before performance, handle last minute ticket requests.



CHAIRPERSON & HOST: Filled - Randy Bates
BAKE SALE MANAGER: Filled - Ina Dressel
VOTING MANAGER: Filled - Peter Scott
GRAPHIC DESIGNER: Filled - Mat Young
WEB UPDATES: Filled - Jessie McGrath
PUBLICITY: Filled - Jess Smith
PROGRAM MANAGERS: - Filled - Jessica Young and Margaret Hanson 



 If you would consider any of these positions, please let us know at:





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This show depends upon the help of many teachers and parents.  Please consider helping out before, during, or after the show in some capacity:



If you can help us by donating a baked good for our bake sale please sign up here:



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