2024 YGT Acts:

(note: may not be final order of performance)

Claire G., Finn M., Mateo V., Emma N. as Running Wild rocking with “Little Talks” [6-8]

Muxi Y. singing “Naughty” from Matilda [K-5]

Estar K. singing “Two Birds” [9-12]

Aiden C. performing “King Tut” on piano [K-5]

Barbie H., Maggie G., Autumn M., Lily H., Frances S., and Anna B. performing “Wolves Dance” [K-5]

AJ H. entertaining with AJ and Penelope [9-12]

Chenxi Y. performing “The Town Girl and The Lamest Place on Earth” [6-8]

Elizabeth O. performing “Gavotte” [K-5]

Adia A. and Coltrane V. performing “Beauty and the Beast” [9-12]

Molly O. singing “Waving Through A Window” from “Dear Evan Hansen” [6-8]

Antonio V. performing “Clair de Lune” on piano [9-12]

Oliver P. bringing the laughs with “Feedback” [K-5]

Sam T. and Cassie C. performing “Crazier Things” by Noah Kahan [9-12]

Marit S. and Nora M. performing “Mean” [K-5]

Allegra V. and Lily K. performing “Under Pressure” [6-8]

Annabella F. singing “Flesh and Bone” [9-12]

Clare L. performing “What Was I Made For” [K-5]

Max M., Graham A., Max O., and Simon G., as My Second Sweatshirt rocking out on “War Pigs” [6-8]